Modeled after 19th & 20th Centuries merchant banking families, S. H. Hirth & Associates provides strategic and financial advice to CEOs, Founders and Boards of Directors of growth capital and select early stage enterprises facing complex challenges and considering transformational changes in strategy, ownership and/or capital structure.


S. H. Hirth & Associates, an international merchant banking and advisory boutique, co-invests with other families and High Net Worth Individuals in small to mid-size growth companies, domestically and internationally. S. H. Hirth & Associates is very active in the family office world and co-investment arenas. It is an intimate and personal world where trust, respect, integrity and honesty are paramount.

Additional “all around” consulting services, such as strategy, financial, marketing and sales are provided to those firms. S. H. Hirth & Associates is not just a co-investor in the companies, it becomes an active partner in those companies and partners with the other co-investors.

S. H. Hirth & Associates is:

  • Strategic consultancy to domestic and international small to medium size growth companies
  • Access to investment capital through its deep global partnerships
  • Direct / co-investment of equity capital
  • Alignment of interests by co-investing, pari passu with co-investors / partners
Our partners are offered access to a unique and distinguished wide range of global resources. The personal and professional relationships the team has nurtured and grown over thirty years, spans more than 105 countries, several cultures and numerous industries. Areas of focus include:

  • consumer products
  • health and wellness
  • food and beverage
  • agriculture
  • environmental / clean energy
  • real estate
  • technology related to above areas



“To the world you may be one person;
but to one person you may be the world.”

-Dr. Seuss

Steven built S. H. Hirth & Associates as a tribute to two primary non-academic educational experiences: his childhood home environment and his international professional career.

At home, Steven witnessed his parents build their business endeavors through hard work, commitment and sacrifices while establishing trust and loyalty. His parents instilled in him the importance of an honorable reputation and a good name. For Steven, people and business relationships are each unique and distinguished, yet often share numerous similarities.

Those familial fundamental ethics, values and teachings have been applied to Steven’s earlier professional activities while bridging and expanding SME activities across the State of Connecticut, Southeast Asia; and the Republic of Austria, and earlier as the Director of International Client Acquisition and Special Projects for the Oesterreichische Laenderbank AG (Bank Austria). It was there that he was part of the core team to launch the first Index Tracking Fund out of Central Europe.

Steven completed the OPM program at the Harvard Business School. He earned his MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business, his Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University and is a graduate of the Loomis Chaffee School.

Complementing his activities at S. H. Hirth & Associates, Steven manages his own single Family Office and his Family Foundation, which focuses on domestic and international health and education concentrating on assisting the elderly and very young.


The process, and the results delivered are differentiated by the boutique’s core values: commitment to excellence, integrity, unwavering long-term partnerships, focus on making a positive impact on the world and never, at any cost, jeopardizing the good names and reputations of ourselves or our partners.

S. H. Hirth & Associates is the “Financial Sherpa, Shaman and Schadchen,”
or heralded distinctly,
Expert, Advisor and Matchmaker

Creative, solution driven and practical advice, expertise and connections with domestic and international strategic partners and investors are the minimum.


Strategic Business Analysis and Planning

Access to Capital

Management Support and Guidance


Diane M. Cavanagh

Operations and Executive Director of the Foundation

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

-John Lennon


Since 2008, Diane has managed the day-to-day operations for S H. Hirth & Associates, the Hirth Family Office and the Hirth Family Foundation. She oversees all administrative duties, including human resources, accounting, monitoring investments, legal documentation and coordination with all professionals and vendors. Under her guidance, the firm and family office has grown from a staff of two to five people with over 30 combined years of service with the company.

Having had exposure in several start-ups in the IT arena prior to joining us, Diane views security at the office as a priority and necessary tool for ensuring privacy and confidentiality. She safeguards and maintains proper protocols with experienced support systems.

Diane is most proud of her work in the Foundation where anonymous multi-year pledges have been established, fulfilling the family’s wishes. Please see the above tab, for the Hirth Family Foundation.

The team at S. H. Hirth & Associates supports its founder by creating a “swan on the water” effect. Swans glide majestically when swimming and when flying in a V-formation they reach great heights. No other waterbird moves as fast on the water or in the air, propelling them to its ultimate destination.

The core team, based in New York City, is comprised of a diverse, dynamic and loyal group of individuals who collectively for thirty years, contribute their skills and insights ensuring the success and growth of the partnership and family foundation. They sustain the ethics and values upon which both have been built.


“A humble, caring, supportive and well-resourced person like Steven is hard to come by. Finding him is the equivalent of finding water in the desert. If you are lucky to come across him, take good care of the relationship with him as it might be the most wonderful asset you will acquire.”

Mishal Kanoo, Chairman The Kanoo Group

“Steven represents a unique, almost extinct species in business and especially in the business he operates in: extremely well educated, professionally sound and highly intelligent, with a most wonderful sense of humor and deep understanding of clients´ needs, very much at home in all parts of the world.”

Klaus Krone, CEO Krone mt GmbH & Co KG & Vaionic Technology

“During our dealings with Steven and his team the last few years, we have been always fortunate to be advised genuinely, directed correctly and connected amazingly with likeminded family offices in the United States and Middle East.”

Negin Bemanzadeh, Group Chair & CEO of EEE Corporate

“Steven and his team opened up investor channels and opportunities significantly beyond our expectations. Through his vast network of investors across the globe, we have secured the funding needed to catapult the company onto the next level of its growth. He has proven to be an excellent partner.”

Greg Westbrook, President and Chief Executive Officer, ClearCove Systems

“Steven has proven to be a man with an infinite “rolodex.” I’m in a very small but powerful industry that few people can break into, and few outside our industry know who we are.”

Jeff Wycoff, CEO, Zap!


S.H. Hirth & Associates
New York, NY



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